Qualitative Research

'If we knew what we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?' - Albert Einstein.

Qualitative research is vital if you want to understand not just what an audience thinks but why they think it. It's not often that an organisation will take the time to research its own staff for an internal event but it can be extremely valuable. For instance, when a large construction firm went through a major change programme I helped with a series of focus groups. It enabled us to really understand the sensitive points and build this into the event plan.

Sometimes organisations want to make sure that a new website will really respond to the needs of their users and so commission qualitative research. I helped an agency to do this on behalf of a top consultancy.  I spoke to a sample of their key clients to find out how they used the current site and what they would look for if they were prospective clients assessing the consultancy for the first time.

It allowed us to accurately define the hierarchy of needs, the depth of information required, the likely dwell time and the next actions that visitors might take.