UKTI: Imagine - Great Ideas Made Real




Shelton Fleming & Leafstorm


UK innovation film


UKTI were targeting overseas buyers and potential investors with a digital showcase at the British Business Embassy during the 2012 Games. They had already commissioned a six screen installation. Now, they needed a single screen version with voice-over narration for British Embassies around the world. This was a big technical challenge - similar lenght, same material, same music, different experience. In essence - a six screen visual montage transformed into a single screen story. It had to communicate big benefits without being too specific (there wasn't time or footage) or coming over as jingoistic. It also had to be structured around a set of existing themes. The brief: 'give us an emotive elevator pitch.' No pressure then!


A tightly scripted story begins with the amazing possibilities offered by innovation, explores the conditions needed for it to happen and celebrates the achievements when everything comes together. Because all the visual examples are from the UK there was no need to over-blow the UK references in the narrative (although a small section was added by the client - see if you can spot it!)


Copies of the single screen version are being used by British embassies around the world, typically to support presentations.