Corporation of London 800th


Whilst at Commercial Presentations I researched and wrote 'Happy Birthday My Lord Mayor' - a theatrical event celebrating 800 years of the mayoralty. It was performed in Guildhall for audiences of 'the great and good' and schoolchildren.

This was one of those projects that only comes once in a lifetime - material rich with dramatic potential, a unique historic setting where some of the events actually happened, and the opportunity to stage a piece of pure theatre.

It was also an enormous challenge - I needed to research 800 years of history and select material that could be condensed into a one hour show. Early on I decided to write the story in the present tense to give history a sense of immediacy. It was performed by an actor playing Samuel Pepys who travelled through time with support from lighting, sound effects and 'voices from the past.'

The successful show was re-staged at the end of the anniversary year and I was awarded Freedom of the City of London.