stuart v4

I trained at Rose Bruford College, gaining a Diploma in Speech & Drama and spent my first 'dream career' as an actor. I worked in theatre, film, TV, radio and commercials.

In 1987, whilst searching for something slightly less precarious but still creative, I stumbled on one of the best kept secrets in Britain  - a £3 billion plus industry (2011 IVCA figure) that nobody seemed to know existed!

In essence, our industry started as a fusion between business and theatre - a place where ideas are brought to life and stories are told with a purpose. It has evolved into a medium to change audiences' perceptions, encourage them to behave differently, strengthen their relationships with brands, buy more products or simply learn something new. And I find it endlessly fascinating. I joined the industry as in house writer (something I'd always been interested in) at Commercial Presentations - one of the leading companies of its time. I learned how to write proposals that sell and shows that excite. After years of corporate communications experience I joined The Visual Connection - a company that combined corporate communications with interpretation for museums, visitor attractions and Expos.
By this time I was interested in the entire communication process and what it takes to really engage an audience - the strategy, creative concept, execution and measurement. So in 2001 I started Lucid Communication Design to help clients and agencies improve the effectiveness of their communication. My acting career gave me an instinctive sense for storytelling and live audiences. I work across a range of environments - events, exhibitions, installations, film and digital media. But they all have one thing in common - the opportunity to engage and excite an audience.